Bryan Byrne, Director of International Products, Yelp, BSc Computer Science

My Computer Science experience at UCD gave me a foundation that has allowed me to be successful at several high profile Internet Startups. My experience at UCD prepared me to immediately take on difficult technical projects. Technology is extremely important to the future success of companies and countries alike, I look forward to seeing what future graduates of the Computer Science program go on to accomplish.

(Yelp is a social networking, user review, and local search web site based in the US, which has an estimated annual revenue of $30M)

Here is a recent Irish Times Article on Bryan: http://bit.ly/ba4vXM

Martina Naughton - Lecturer & Manager of Computer Science Support Centre

I teach the Software Engineering Project module to first year Computer Science students. I really enjoy the module because it gives students an opportunity to develop a series of medium-sized pieces of software in small teams. During the course of the semester, students become more confident at programming and develop solid teamwork and communication skills.

Every year has different assignments and lecture topics associated with it. This year one assignment was to develop an interactive slot machine game. Many aspects of its development really challenged the students, but with lots of hard work, the majority of students received a very good mark. If a student enjoys the area of software engineering, they can choose to do a Masters or PhD in the area. Employment opportunities exist within companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM.

Ursula Redmond, UCD Computer Science PhD student

In the second semester of my final undergraduate year at UCD, I had the wonderful experience of studying at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Due to the link between the Schools of Computer Science in both universities, there are many opportunities to learn about Chinese culture and lifestyle, even firsthand! I spent three months living in Shanghai. During that time, I became skilful with chopsticks and clumsy with knives and forks, adept at navigating the sometimes crowded underground metro system, and overwhelmed by the delight with which my poor attempts at Chinese were greeted. More importantly, I made lifelong friends and lived in a beautiful place that was different from anything I could have imagined.  A semester in Shanghai is something I would strongly recommend, and given the opportunity, I would definitely pay China another visit. 我很喜欢在上海学习!

Christina Lynch, 4th year UCD Computer Science student

I am currently studying Computer Science in UCD. I knew that I wanted to study something in the area of Science, as physics and mathematics were among my favourites in secondary school. I became interested in Computer Science, when my brother taught me some of bits of programming which I found really interesting. In the first two years of my degree, I studied Computer Science and Mathematical Physics. I have just finished my third year and I really like how diverse all the subjects we get to do are. We did modules in Computer Graphics, Digital Forensics, Operating Systems and Artificial Intelligence. It really gave me the opportunity to get a chance to learn about lots of different aspects of Computer Science, and to find out which ones interested me most. I am currently choosing my fourth year modules and I have found I have an interest in Artificial Intelligence and also learning how to make applications for mobile phones.  One of the things I enjoy most about UCD is the people. I entered Computer Science not knowing anyone, but have made loads of friends because its easy to get to know your classmates when working on assignments and helping each other out in the lab.