Mark Gargan, Software Engineer IBM, B.Sc. Computer Science, M.Sc. Security & Forensics

I'm currently a software engineer for the Lotus brand of IBM. That's one of the great things about working in a company like IBM, you can work with so many different technologies and projects, expanding on what you know. You are always on the cutting edge of what is being done or researched. I'm working on an ajax based web document management suite called Quickr, the main technologies are Javascript, Dojo and IBM Lotus Domino for the backend. In previous roles I worked on Java and Eclipse development.

There are great opportunities  to travel within IBM. For example, I recently got to present at a conference in the Walt Disney Resort, Florida. As a senior developer, I am expected to lead the technical aspects of the project, drive the product forward, and ensure that it is meets the highest standards.

David Masterson, Senior Systems Administrator, Payzone, BSc (Hons) Computer Science

After leaving my PhD in UCD, I went looking for work - I had previously availed of the option in my degree to take a year out for work experience, which really helped when applying for jobs. My experience with Linux in college greatly contributed towards me landing my current role (Senior Systems Administrator for a large Electronics Payments Company)

As a systems administrator, my team and I are responsible for the 24/7 management and upkeep of around 80 servers, comprised of RedHat, Solaris and Windows 2003 Servers. We have to be competent with various technologies, both software (Apache, PHP, MySQL, websphere, LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange, Sendmail, MS SQL Server, etc...) and hardware (HP DL series servers, IBM SystemX servers, IBM Bladecenters, DS4800 SANs, Backup Devices, Telecoms equipment, etc...). The job sometimes involves travel to remote data centers or offices (Germany, France, UK). The best bit about the job is that no two days are the same - there's always a new problem.

Eddie Johnston, Website Designer, B.Sc. Computer Science, Ph.D Artificial Intelligence

I was always fascinated by research in Machine Learning. One of the things that always stuck with me was the story of some Berkeley researchers who learned how to decipher keyboard clicks and produce a transcript of what was being typed. I find that kind of thing intriguing. I spent nearly 6 years doing research and got used to working for myself. I was always interested in Web Design as a hobby and after working initially for a consultancy company, I started to work for myself in Web Development.

I enjoy the mix of roles my work gives me. From day to day I could be meeting with a client, designing the front end of a website or programming the back end. I always dedicate some time to keeping up with the industry and learning new skills. I think that once you've spent some time in research you'll always want to keep involved in it in some way.

Siobhan Dunne, Software Engineer Microsoft, B.Sc. Computer Science

My degree in Computer Science from UCD provided me with the essential skills I need for my career in Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer in Test. Working in Microsoft requires a broad knowledge base and the Computer Science program provided the ideal combination of data structures and algorithms, networks, performance of computer systems, operating systems and security. My favorite modules have always been ones that focus on programming skills and problem solving, which are vital to my job.