Computer Science Technical Support

Welcome to the Technical Support pages for the School of Computer Science. We provide support for students and staff within the School and support services in the provision of teaching, research and admin services. 

Email CS Help to report a technical problem

Facilities for teaching and research are provided by the School. These include the Lecture Theatre (B004), classrooms (B108, B109) and laboratories (B002, B003 and B106).

The laboratories have been renovated to facilitate the use of laptops. Please note that food and drink are not permitted in labs or classrooms.

Printing facilities are available throughout the School for staff and students. Please go to the page on printing for more details (you need to be logged in to see this page).

Contact Tony O Gara for printing supplies. In particular, for large jobs (e.g. printing theses) please contact Tony in advance so that more toner or paper can be ordered or stored if required. 

The School has a Polycom video conferencing system located in the Boardroom, B224, available for teaching and research purposes.

Other equipment, such as portable projectors and laptops, is available to staff for short term loan.

The School of Computer Science operates a laptop programme for all students. All CSI students (at undergraduate and postgraduate level) will require a laptop for their course work.

The School does not recommend a specific supplier or manufacturer for laptops. In terms of the hardware specification, any reasonably recent laptop will be sufficient for course purposes. If you already own a laptop and are unsure if it is suitable, or if you have any other queries, email CS Help

It is recommended that new machines have at least one year's hardware warranty.

The School does not recommend a particular operating system. Windows, any version of Linux, MacOS etc are all acceptable and will be supported. Note however that a particular module may require software that necessitates the use of a particular OS. 



Wireless Network

For information on UCD's wireless networks, please go here.

Wired Network

To access the network via the wired (cabled) network, you must register your machine. You can register your machine for cable network access by completing this UCD IT Services form.
Note: Servers must be registered under a staff member's name.


 All network access is subject to the UCD IT Services Acceptable Use Policy. Please read this and check out the CS 'IT Security' tab below.

In particular, pleae ensure that any Peer to Peer file sharing software is disabled before connecting to any UCD network.

Computer Security Guidelines for Users

  • Back up your data regularly.

  • Ensure that a password is required to log on to your machine.  When the machine is unattended (e.g. evenings, weekends), ensure that you are logged out or have locked the machine so that a password is required.

  • Use strong passwords. In particular, blank passwords should never be used.
  • Encryption can be used to secure data on your hard drive. In particular, encryption of laptops (and other mobile equipment such as USB sticks) is required if you have the personal data of other people stored. Contact School staff for assistance if you are considering encryption of your hard drive. 

  • Operating System(s) must have automatic updates enabled.  Sophos Anti-virus and Remote Update must be installed.
  • Be aware of security issues when using email. Do not reply to any mails that look like spam. 
  • All instances of viruses should be reported to CS Help.

  • All services / applications installed should be secured.

    • Only required services should be enabled.

    • Any additional required updates must be installed.

    • Any additional security tools should be run.

  • A firewall should be installed where practicable.

  • File-sharing (peer-to-peer) software should not be used except for research purposes.

  • All machines must be registered to use the wired (cabled network).

    • Only the registered IP address may be used.

    • DHCP must be used for configuring IP addresses.

  • The regulations for the use of computer systems and networks in UCD are available from UCD IT Services. Non-compliance will be viewed as a breach of policy leading to a possible loss of network services. The University has implemented an Intrusion Detection System to enhance the security of the network, and machines found to be in breach of the regulations will be removed from the network. Regularly check this page and UCD IT Services for security information.
  • Send any security queries to CS Help.


  • Access cards and keys are available for staff and research postgraduate students only.
  • Contact to request access cards and keys for CS and Science North.
  • A request form must be filled out and signed plus a deposit of 40 euro is payable before cards and keys can be obtained.
  • Your deposit will be refunded when you return the card/key.
  • All use of the access cards is traceable so the card is for your use only.
  • Lost/stolen cards/keys must be reported to  Lost/stolen cards are subject to a 6 euro replacement fee


The school provides a selection of operating systems and development software. Download your required software and request a product key.  

Please note that this software is for computer science students only and requests must come from a UCD email address. Non UCD addresses will be ignored.