Language and Cognition

Overview: Language and Cognition research at CS focuses mainly on the modelling of cognitive phenomena relating to speech and language processing, and the design of real-world systems that automate complex processes such as speech synthesis, language translation, and text understanding. CS researchers are specifically interested in the following sub-themes:

Cognitive Science is broadly defined as the interdisciplinary study of the brain, mind and behaviour. Cognitive Scientists look at a broad range of complex brain process such as vision, speech, movement and memory. Researchers at CS are interested in understanding various cognitive processes such as Analogy, Concept Combination, and the processing of Human experience.

Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
Research in Computational Linguistics use the theoretical foundations of Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Computer Science to model and understand human language faculty. Natural Language Processing systems use these models to address real-world problems that require human language understanding such as machine translation, speech recognition, question answering, speaker identification and automatic text summarisation. Many of these technologies are currently being investigated by CS researchers.