Work Ready Graduate Programme


Enterprise Ireland & CeADAR, the Centre for Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence, are launching the Work-Ready Graduate Development Programme commencing in September 2018. The goal of the work-ready programme is to train the next generation of data scientists. We are looking for highly motivated individuals from a wide range of numerate backgrounds who wish to develop their knowledge and experience of data analytics and machine intelligence (DA&MI). 

This is an ideal opportunity to transition into a career, to upskill and gain entry into what is arguably the most exciting and dynamic technological revolution of the 21st century. 

This new and innovative programme is designed to provide the training, resources and connections you’ll need to transition into a career in data science. The programme has a focus on cutting edge data science tools and practices used in industry. It is run in collaboration with the ambitious Irish SMEs in CeADAR’s industry membership. Graduates on the year-long programme will gain structured and on-the-job training supervised by CeADAR staff and will be seconded to member companies to work on real-world projects. 

Work-Ready Benefits: 

Salary of €28,000 

2. Secondment of 9 months in industry 

3. Access to data science module on the UCD Computer Science Master’s degree 

4. Supervised training in data analytics and machine intelligence 

5. Guidance and mentorship from CeADAR professionals 

6. Access to CeADAR technology toolkits 

7. Specific knowledge of DA&MI and industry’s needs (e.g. market needs, business practices, knowledge of relevant aspects of the regulatory environment etc.) 

8. R&D project management experience 

9. Technology sourcing and adoption process management skills 

10. Preparation of RDI project proposals in an SME business context 

11. Attendance at all CeADAR seminars and events 

12. Gain experience of working in industry 

13. Gain exposure to a wide network of SMEs working in DA&MI 

14. Develop your skills in communicating the value of ongoing and prospective RDI initiatives to SMEs 

15. Gain familiarity with Enterprise Ireland Programmes and how they can help client companies (e.g. R&D Fund, Innovation Partnerships, Innovation Vouchers etc.) 

16. Apply Innovation Health-check methodologies in companies. 

Work Ready Eligibility 

  • Are you a recent graduate with a degree in a subject such as Computer Science, Computational Biology, Astronomy, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Physics, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Civil/Electrical/Mechanical engineering, Economics, Quantitative Social Sciences, or Statistics? 

Do you have? 

  • Minimum 2.1 Honours Degree 
  • Good Mathematical & Statistical Skills 
  • Experience of software development 

This job advertisement will shortly be advertised through UCD vacancies. 

Expression of interest and enquiries can be sent to 

About us: Centre for Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence (CeADAR) 

Centre for Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence (CeADAR) is a market-focussed technology centre for applied research and innovation in Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence. The Centre drives the accelerated development, deployment and adoption of the ‘recently possible’ for the competitive advantage of its member companies. CeADAR is also at the centre of a thriving national analytics ecosystem and provides a frequent and popular annual programme of events covering technical and business themes in analytics. 

CeADAR positions itself as the bridge between the worlds of academic research in DA&MI and its commercial application in industry. Key to the success of the centre is that it is focusses on delivering value that is market-led, needs-driven and directly coupled to the requirements of our industry base.