Dr Colm Ryan

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

 email:  colm.ryan@ucd.ie
 Phone: +353 1 716 2411
 Room: E3.04
   Science East
   Dublin 4

 Full Profile

My primary research interest is Computational Biology / Bioinformatics. I develop methods to analyse large-scale biological datasets and apply these methods to obtain insight into how biological systems function. A particular focus of my work is the development of approaches to understand how mutations in cancer rewire tumour cells (see description here) and the identification of targeted treatments in cancer (see our resource www.cancergd.org). I am a group leader in Systems Biology Ireland and you can read a little more about the biological focus of my work there

Computational research areas : machine learning | network analysis | data integration

Biological research areas : synthetic lethality | cancer | proteogenomics | genetic interactions | redundancy

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Recent Publications: 

A Compendium of Co-regulated Protein Complexes in Breast Cancer Reveals Collateral Loss Events
C.J. Ryan, S Kennedy, I Bajrami, D Matallanas, C.J. Lord
Cell Systems 2017

CancerGD: a resource for identifying and interpreting genetic dependencies in cancer
Bridgett, S., Campbell, J., Lord, C.J., Ryan, C.J.
Cell Systems 2017

The histone variant H2A. Z promotes splicing of weak introns
Nissen, K.E., Homer, C.M, Ryan, C.J.,  Shales, M., Krogan, N.J., Patrick, K.L., Guthrie, C.
Genes & Development 2017

ATR inhibitors as a Synthetic Lethal Therapy for Tumors Deficient in ARID1A
Williamson, C., Miller, R., Pemberton, H., Jones, S., Campbell, J., Konde, A., Badham, N., Rafiq, M.R., Brough, R., Gulati, A., Ryan, C.J., Francis, J., Vermulen, P., Reynolds, A., Reaper, P., Pollard, J.R., Ashworth, A., Lord, C.J. (2016)
Nature Communications 2016

Large-Scale Profiling of Kinase Dependencies in Cancer Cell Lines
Campbell, J.,* Ryan, C.J.*, Brough, R., Bajrami, I., Pemberton, H.N., Chong, I.Y., Frankum, J., Gulati, A., Holme, H., Miller, R., Postel-Vinay, S., Rafiq, R., Wei, W., Williamson, C.T., Quigley, D.A., Fenton, T., Natrajan, R., Strauss, S.J., Ashworth, A., Lord, C.J.
Cell Reports 2016 * Equal Contribution