Research Themes

Overview of CS Research Themes

Computer Science is the study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information. In a nutshell, Computer Scientists are trying to answer the following question: how can we efficiently and accurately automate tasks using computers? Our academic staff and researchers have made many important research contributions to this broad field.

Our Research Profiles provide some concrete examples of research outputs from these themes.

Knowledge Discovery

The Knowledge Discovery theme encompasses a broad range of distinct research areas that focus on the transformation of various data sources into sources of knowledge, e.g. predicting protein structure from gene sequencing data. In many cases, the modelling, learning, reasoning and visualisation techniques used in this transformation process are computational expensive. Hence, the manipulation of data not only requires the development of effective algorithms, but also efficient ones. CS researchers are applying their ground-breaking knowledge discovery techniques to interesting real-world problems in the sciences, industry and finance. Read more

Language and Cognition

Language and Cognition research at CS focuses mainly on the modelling of cognitive phenomena relating to speech and language processing, and the design of real-world systems that automate complex processes such as speech synthesis, language translation, and text understanding. Read more

Software and Systems Engineering

Software and Systems Engineering is concerned with concepts, processes and tools that support the timely and cost effective development and maintenance of quality software systems. Although Software and Systems Engineering are considered distinct disciplines they have a synergistic relationship, where developments in one field influence the other. This relationship is also evident in CS research output were contributions from both fields are used to inform the design and development of embedded, sensor, autonomic and pervasive systems. Read more

Networks and Distributed Systems

This theme focuses on the design and optimisation of networks and distributed systems, including multimedia networking, mobile systems, and high-performance heterogeneous distributed systems. Read more