Dr Mel Ó Cinnéide

Associate Professor

 email: mel.ocinneide@ucd.ie
 Phone: +353 1 7162482
 Room: B2.08
   Computer Science Building
   Dublin 4

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201400 COMP30160 Computer Science: OOD
201400 COMP30070 Computer Science: Object-Oriented Programming
201400 COMP41420 Computer Science: ManagingSoftware in Production
201400 COMP40090 Computer Science: Reseach Project in Advanced So
201400 COMP40070 Computer Science: Design Patterns
201400 COMP41150 Computer Science: Mobile

My present research interests centre around refactoring, and especially the use of search-based software engineering in automated refactoring. Related interests include design patterns, softwaremetrics and code smell detection.


  • Mel Ó Cinnéide, Iman Hemati Moghadam, Mark Harman, Steve Counsell, Laurence Tratt, 'An Experimental Search-based Approach to Cohesion Metric Evaluation'.  Empirical Software Engineering, Volume 22, Issue 1, 2017.
  • Ouni, Ali; Kessentini, Marouane; Ó Cinnéide, Mel; Sahraoui, Houari; Deb, Kalyanmoy, Inoue, Katsuro, 'MORE: A Multi-objective Refactoring Recommendation Approach to Introducing Design Patterns and Fixing Code Smells'.  Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Volume 29, Issue 5, 2017. 
  • Ó Cinnéide, M., Yamashita, A. and Counsell S. 'Measuring Refactoring Benefits: A Survey of the Evidence', Proceedings of the International Workshop on Refactoring, Automated Software Engineering, Singapore, 2016.
  • Hemati Moghadam, I.; Ó Cinnéide, M., 'Resolving Conflict and Dependency in Refactoring to a Desired Design'. E-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, Issue 9, 2015.

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