Mr John Dunnion

Associate Professor

 Phone: +353 1 7162474
 Room: A1.06 

   Computer Science Building
   Dublin 4

 Full Profile

200800 COMP10070 Computer Science: Formal Foundations

Intelligent Information Retrieval; Computational Linguistics; Machine Learning.

Book Chapters

  • John Dunnion; (2005) 'Automatic Markup and Organization of XML Documents using a Self-Organizing Map' In: Neural Networks Applications in Information Technology and Web Engineering. Sarawak, Malaysia: Borneo Publishing Company. [Details]
  • Shazia Akhtar, Ronan G Reilly and John Dunnion; (2004) 'Automatic Markup and Organisation of XML Documents on a Self-Organising Map' In: D Wang (editor), University of Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia, October 2004 (eds). Neural Networks Applications in Information Technology and Web Engineering[Details]
    Peer Reviewed Journals
  • Kane, L; Carthy, J; Dunnion, J; ; (2006) 'Readability applied to information retrieval'. Advances in Information Retrieval, 3936 (NA):523-526. [Details]
  • Newman, E; Stokes, N; Dunnion, J; Carthy, J; ; (2006) 'Textual entailment recognition using a linguistically-motivated decision tree classifier'. Machine Learning Challenges, 3944 (NA):372-384. [Details]