Dr Derek Greene

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

 email: derek.greene@ucd.ie
 Phone: +353 1 7162496
 Room: E3.40 

 Science East
 Dublin 4


 Full Profile

Modules taught at UCD School of Computer Science during academic year 2017/2018:

  • COMP30760: Data Science in Python - DS (Undergraduate)
  • COMP47490: Machine Learning (Offline)
  • COMP41680: Data Science in Python (Postgraduate)
  • COMP47250: Team Software Project

Previously taught modules which are no longer active:

  • COMP30120: Machine Learning
  • COMP41450: Advanced Machine Learning
  • COMP50050: Python Programming for Biologists

Machine learning: Development of novel cluster analysis and dimensionality reduction algorithms, with a particular focus on their application in text mining tasks.

Network analysis: Development and application of clustering and community finding algorithms to dynamic social networks.

Social media analytics: Using data mining and visualisation to explore trends and behaviours in online social media platforms. This has included work on topic modelling, sentiment analysis, content curation, and user recommendation systems.

Digital humanities: Application of network analysis and text mining techniques to explore patterns in literary fiction, in collaboration with the UCD School of English.

Full list of publications on Google Scholar

Selected Journal Publications:

  • M. Belford, B. Namee, and D. Greene, “Stability of topic modeling via matrix factorization,” Expert Systems with Applications, 2018. [PDF]
  • C. Orellana-Rodriguez, D. Greene, and M. Keane, "Spreading the News: How Can Journalists Gain More Engagement for Their Tweets?". The Journal of Web Science, 2017. [PDF]
  • D. Greene and J.P. Cross, “Exploring the Political Agenda of the European Parliament Using a Dynamic Topic Modeling Approach,” Political Analysis, 2017. [PDF]
  • D. O’Callaghan, D. Greene, J. Carthy, and P. Cunningham, “An Analysis of the Coherence of Descriptors in Topic Modeling,” Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA), 2015. [PDF]
  • D. Greene, G. Cagney, N. Krogan, and P. Cunningham, “Ensemble Non-negative Matrix Factorization Methods for Clustering Protein-Protein Interactions,” Bioinformatics, 2008. [PDF]

Selected Conference Publications:

  • M. Qureshi and D. Greene, “Lit@EVE: Explainable Recommendation based on Wikipedia Concept Vectors,” in Proc. European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML’17), 2017. [PDF]
  • S. Grayson, K. Wade, G. Meaney, and D. Greene, “The Sense and Sensibility of Different Sliding Windows in Constructing Co-occurrence Networks from Literature,” in Proc. 2nd International Workshop on Computational History and Data-Driven Humanities, 2016. [PDF]
  • M. Qureshi, A. Younus, and D. Greene, “TwitterCracy: Exploratory Monitoring of Twitter Streams for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Cycle,” in Proc. European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML’16), 2016. [PDF]
  • D. Greene, D. O’Callaghan, and P. Cunningham, “How Many Topics? Stability Analysis for Topic Models,” in Proc. European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML’14), 2014. [PDF]
  • I. Brigadir, D. Greene, and P. Cunningham, “A System for Twitter User List Curation,” in Proc. 6th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys’12), 2012. [PDF]
  • K. Wade, D. Greene, C. Lee, D. Archambault, and P. Cunningham, “Identifying Representative Textual Sources in Blog Networks,” in Proc. 5th International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM’11), 2011
  • G. Wu, D. Greene, and P. Cunningham, “Merging Multiple Criteria to Identify Suspicious Reviews,” in Proc. 4th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys’10), 2010. [PDF]
  • D. Greene and P. Cunningham, “A Matrix Factorization Approach for Integrating Multiple Data Views,” in Proc. European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML/PKDD’09), 2009. [PDF] 
  • D. Greene and P. Cunningham, “Constraint Selection by Committee: An Ensemble Approach to Identifying Informative Constraints for Semi-Supervised Clustering,” in Proc. 18th European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML’07), 2007. [PDF]
  • D. Greene and P. Cunningham, “Practical Solutions to the Problem of Diagonal Dominance in Kernel Document Clustering,” in Proc. 23rd International Conference on Machine learning (ICML’06), 2006. [PDF]