Dr Arthur Cater

Associate Professor

 email: arthur.cater@ucd.ie
 Phone: +353 1 7162468
 Room: A1.14 

   Computer  Science Building
   Dublin 4


 Full Profile

In 2007-2008 Arthur Cater is teaching two modules aimed at final-year undergraduate level:

COMP30150 "Advanced Information Systems" - database topics involving recovery, concurrency control, security, integrity, distributed databases, object-oriented databases.

COMP30260 "Artificial Intelligence for Games and Puzzles" - game representation techniques, tree search techniques, learning applied to game playing.

Past teaching stretches over many years, relatively recently Arthur Cater has also taught

- Natural Language Processing (Computational Linguistics) in the Cognitive Science Masters programme

- Information Systems (some Database and some Information Retrieval) at 3rd year honours level

- Introduction to Computing (shallow and broad coverage of the subject) at 1st year non-Science level

- Functional Programming (Lisp) at 2nd year undergraduate level

Artificial Intelligence: Computer Go. Computational Linguistics: Compound Nouns

Book Chapters

  • Cater, A.W.S.; (1995) 'Lexical Knowledge Required for Natural LanguageProcessing' In: In: Cheng-Ming Guo, Ablex (ed). (eds).Machine Tractable Dictionaries: Design andConstruction. [Details]
  • Conference Publications
  • Arthur Cater; (2002) A Graphical Tool for Browsing, Searching, and Annotating WordNet Proc. 1st International Global WordNet Conference(2002) Mysore, India, , pp.165-173 [Details]
  • Arthur Cater ; (2001) Mining Related Senses of Verbs in WordNet using Metaclustering Proc. 12th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence andCognitive Science(2001) Maynooth, Ireland, , pp.121-134 [Details]
  • Cater, A. and McLoughlin, D.; (2000) Cluster Strategy for choice ofcompound noun interpretation rules Proceedings of the 11thConference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, Galway,Ireland.(2000) Galway, [Details]