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Buddy Coders - a new initiative to support women in Computer Science


Tejaswini (Tej) Kumar and Amina Khalid are 3rd year undergraduate students in the Computer Science with Data Science degree. They have recently launched ‘Buddy Coders’, an initiative to encourage girls and women to code and make friends within the UCD S...

I am a Computer Scientist and a Cancer Biologist


Dr. Colm J. Ryan is a lecturer in the UCD School of Computer Science and a Group Leader at Systems Biology Ireland.  


Secret to a Great Internship


I’ve just started the final year of my Data Science degree, and already I have accumulated one entire year of industry experience before I even graduate. How…? Internships. 

The number one question I’m faced with when speaking to any Computer Science undergraduates is always “Lily… Ho...

12 Tips for PhD Researchers


Dr. Andrew Hines is an assistant professor in the UCD School of Computer Science and leads the qxLab research group, where he currently supervises four PhD students. Recently, at our annual CS PhD research poster event, Andrew gave an excellent t...